Beverage Enhancer (20mg Full Spectrum CBD)


Infuse your favorite beverage with the power of full-spectrum CBD – use it in your coffee, tea, or a local favorite cocktail – the traditional Old Fashioned. Each single-use packet contains 20mg of CBD.  Each package contains FIVE (5) single-use packets.

**contains Turbinado sugar**


Directions: Empty contents of packet into your desired beverage, stir, and enjoy!

This enhancer should be used in a beverage you would add sugar to, such as coffee, tea, lemonade, smoothie or a muddled cocktail.  Non-sugar-based infusions can be made to order by special request (give us a call!).


What is turbinado sugar?

Turbinado sugar differs from more common sugars because it comes from the first pressing of sugar cane and therefore retains more of the plant’s flavor and natural molasses. The syrup that’s released from this pressing is boiled to form crystals, which are then spun to separate them from any remaining liquid. The minimal processing of turbinado sugar is appealing to many people—as is that extra bit of rich flavor.

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