Welcome to CBD By Design

Your trusted supplier for small batch, in-house extracted CBD products.

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Welcome to CBD By Design

Your supplier for ultra-premium, in-house extracted CBD products.

What People Are Saying About Our Products…

It’s clear that the purity of this product is better than any other cbd product we have tried. There is minimal taste, smell, and virtually no aftertaste which makes it easy to take. The affects are relaxing and calming. Would highly recommend!!

Tyler & Maggie SuttonCBD by Design Customer

Have noticed that mentally and physically I have felt better since starting to use the oil on a daily basis. It helps me be the best version of myself for sure!

Kyle CiskeCBD by Design Customer

This is a great product. It’s high quality and potent. I use it at night to help relax before sleep. I also exercise often and this helps reduce my soreness and well as recover more quickly. It works great. I have the”natural” flavor and it tastes nice. Not overpowering. I would recommend this to anyone interested in cbd oil. No gimmicks just a quality product.

BillCBD by Design Customer

I have tried many different brands of expensive “luxe” CBD products in the past couple of years, but I have not found anything better than CBD by Design products! I think I have found my holy grail, and I am so excited!! The quality is unmatched, and the price is so reasonable for the best CBD oils and butters you can find on the market. Produced in a way I can trust what I ingest into my body and ingredients I can actually pronounce. I love incorporating the oil into my everyday routine, and I can definitely tell when I accidentally skipped a morning dose…when I feel extra irritable and anxious at work… The taste of the plain oil is wonderful–so mellow and mild. I cannot wait to try the fun customizable flavors! I also want to mention that as a nurse who washes her hands frequently, the body butter has worked wonders on my dry, cracked skin–that will be my next restock! This will definitely be my go-to brand for any of my CBD desires in the future!

LydiaCBD by Design Customer

About Us

We are proud to have perfected the techniques to offer CBD products that go beyond what consumers are accustomed to seeing today. All our products, including the CBD-specific plant material grown following organic practices, have been 3rd party tested for potency and purity. We utilize super-critical CO2 extraction methods exclusively for our products. This process delivers the highest level of purity possible without harmful solvent residues used by some of our competitors. Our CO2 oil extractions are performed 100% in-house within our laboratory clean room.


CBD by Design was founded on a few core principles that are a key driving factor of what sets us apart from other CBD brands on the market:

  • Product Control – Our oil is extracted in house and all our products are made in small hand-crafted batches.  We get our hemp from one farm, our trusted and valued partners at Meadow Mountain Hemp in Maryland, which ensures consistency of quality in every batch and bottle of oil.
  • Integrity & Transparency – Many companies and brands have flooded the market and it’s hard to know who to trust.  We believe consumers need to have all the facts about what you are putting in or on your body, and need to know you can trust the person making these products.  Test results are published right on our website, and we will personally answer all your questions about our process and products. 
  • Personalized Customer Service – CBD works differently for everyone, so our brand is focused on personalization of the CBD experience.  We have different potencies of oil, several different types of products, and add-ons like flavors to completely customize your experience.  We like to get to know our customers and hope to hear from you often. If you have questions, CBD by Design will be here when you need us.


What started out as a hobby to help ourselves, has now evolved into a passion to help others.

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CBD By Design is one of very few CBD manufacturers making our own oil in small batches, in a clean room and lab space that follows ISO certification standards. We proactively follow anticipated FDA and cGMP regulations, to ensure your product is the highest possible quality. We’re your trusted and transparent expert source for CBD products, for yourself, your family, or your pets. And our facility is designed with transparency in mind, so we can show you everything.


Book your tour, at our facility in Port Washington, Wisconsin. By appointment only – hours vary.

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